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Q What is the EBDS?
Q Am I eligible for the EBDS?
Q How does this differ from the EBRS?
Q How will the discount be applied?
Q What about Declaration Obligation & Opting Out?
Q What is the Energy Bill Relief Scheme?
Q What do I need to do?
Q What period does the Energy Bill Relief Scheme cover?
Q How do you know if you are eligible for support through the Energy Bill Relief Scheme?
Q I am a fixed price customer – am i eligible?
Q I am a flexible customer – how will it work?
Q I am a Deemed/Default Rate customer – how will it work?
Q What will happen after the 6 months?
Q What has happened to the green levies?
Q What is the government supported price and what has it been set at?
Q Where can I get more information?
Q What are the costs on my energy bill, and which cost is covered by the EBRS?
Q What is the maximum discount?
Q How do you apply the discount for electricity?
Q How do you apply the discount for gas?
Q How do I opt-out of the scheme?
Q How do I make a declaration as part of my obligations for the Energy Bill Relief Scheme? 
Q What is the National Grid Winter Outlook?
Q Who is responsible for the distribution of electricity?
Q What is a Distribution Network Operator (DNO)?
Q What are the key points from the Winter Outlook 22/23 report?
Q What are Rota Load Disconnections and how likely are they to happen?
Q What is a block letter and why is it important?
Q How can I find my personal power cut timetable (rota)?
Q Could I still be affected by emergency power cuts, even if my rota block is not affected?
Q Will I get advance notice when there’s an emergency power cut?
Q Are any sites protected from the power cuts?
Q What about core services?
Q Useful Links
Q I'm moving in/out of premises supplied by ENGIE, what I need to do?
Q I'm a new Customer with Engie, do I need to do anything?
Q How do I know if I am a Microbusiness?
Q How do I transfer my supply to another energy provider?
Q The transfer of my energy supply has been objected to, why is this and what can I do?
Q What is a Subject Access Request (SAR) and how do I make an enquiry about my data?
Q I would like to have my Gas or Electricity meter disconnected, what do I need to do?
Q Who do I speak to if I am operating as an insolvency practitioner?
Q How can I update my information?
Q I have a new supplier form that I require ENGIE to complete before I can pay my bills.
Q My meter has been disconnected, why am I still receiving bills?
Q What do I do if I suspect someone is committing energy theft?
Q What are your Out of Contract charges?
Q What charges are included in my energy supply contract and how are they charged, and when are they charged?
Q Where does your energy come from?
Q What does DNO stand for, and how do I find them?
Q What rate is my meter and what are the timebands?
Q How do I know what customer segment I am if I am not a Microbusiness?
Q When does my contract start/end?
Q What is a supply capacity, KVA or availability charge?
Q Can I have a copy of my contract?
Q What is an EAC / AQ
Q What is a HH meter?
Q I require a new Gas or Electricity Meter, what do I need to do?
Q How do I submit a meter reading?
Q How to read a Gas meter
Q What is an MPAN, MPRN or Serial Number, and where can I find them?
Q How to read an Electricity meter
Q What is a SMART/AMR Meter?
Q I have a query about my meter's consumption
Q I cannot find my meter, are you able to help me with this?
Q What do we do with your data?
Q What data do we take?
Q When and how do we take data?
Q How secure is my data?
Q What are my rights in relation to data?
Q How do I register for an Online Account?
Q I can't log in to my Online Account
Q I have multiple businesses; do I need an Online Account for each?
Q Can more than one person at my organisation register for an Online Account?
Q Can my bills be issued quarterly rather than monthly?
Q I would like to request a copy of my statement of account
Q Why have I received credits and invoices for a period I had already been billed for?
Q How do I set up a Direct Debit?
Q What is VAT relief and how do I claim it if I am eligible?
Q What is CCL and how do I claim CCL relief if I am eligible?
Q How do I claim a refund?
Q EDI Billing: What is it and how do I qualify?
Q How can I pay my bills?
Q I don’t think my invoice is correct?
Q I have left the premises, why am I still receiving invoices?
Q I am having difficulty paying my invoice
Q Important information on your bills / invoices
Q I need to send you a purchase order number, where can I send this?
Q I am a Microbusiness, what does back billing mean to me?
Q What energy products do you offer?
Q What data do we need to provide a quote?
Q What is the quoting or tendering process?
Q How do i get a quote?
Q Who are Energy Brokers or Third-Party Intermediaries (TPIs) and what do they do?
Q How do I grant access for a third-party intermediary (TPI) or Energy broker to manage my energy account?
Q Why is Demand Response so important?
Q Will it disrupt my business?
Q How much will it cost my business?
Q Are there any penalties?
Q What needs to be installed at my site?
Q How long will my site be impacted by an event?
Q How do I sign up?
Q Who is the Energy Ombudsman?
Q How do I raise a complaint?
Q What is your complaints procedure?
Q How do I escalate my complaint?
Q What do I do if I have a Gas or Electricity Emergency?
Q EQUANS Services
Q What do i do if i receive a suspicious phone call?

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Large Business:

Call 0333 666 0279 or email us
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For credit queries please contact our team

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 09:00- 17:00, Friday 08:30 - 16:30.